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The American version of the sex craze (dogging) that has swept the U.K, for swingers, voyeurs and exhibitionists has arrived! Dogging has now started in America and has been a huge hit all over the US. Dogging originated in the U.K and is for exhibitionists, voyeurs, swingers and anyone who likes to meet strangers for sex. Asking someone for sex is not an insult with our members. Our members just love to meet and are looking for same minded men, women and couples to go out and meet. Swinging couples need more single men now!

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Couples looking dogging, exhibitionism, public sex and sometimes a mixture of all

Dogging is a British slang term for engaging in or watching sexual acts in a semi-public place (usually a car park or a park) Often, there are more than two people involved; wife swapping, group sex and sometimes gang bangs can happen. But often its just watching. So the fetish of both voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely associated with dogging. The people involved often meet either randomly at known dogging sites or arrange to meet-up beforehand over the Internet on dogging sites like this one

Dogging Explained

Dogging in the UK is a term used to describe a rising subculture of public sex. Plus sex with strangers in public. In the UK it is associated as an act of voyeurism and exhibitionism. In the UK it’s not just become an activity to participate in it’s really become a “scene” with 100's if not 1000's of couples out nightly in public to meet for sex, while being watched, or having others join in. Instead of a spontaneous act it’s usually well planned out with other members being told where to find this kind of activity on sites like this one.

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